Touch and Go


I've noticed you around. 
I find you very attractive. 
Would you … um… go to bed with me?

For six months, from October 1998 into March 1999, it was impossible to avoid the catchy trumpet line that followed one of pop's best-ever intros.  After three months on UK radio, 'Would You…?' moved over to television, where it featured during news reports, as the background to comedy sketches, and in clubs any time the DJ wanted to raise the temperature.  And then it started off around the world. The further you moved from where it started, the longer the song has lasted – it is still regularly being played seven years later in clubs in Poland and Germany, Greece and Turkey, Singapore and Hong Kong, Brazil and Colombia.

Biggest Hits
If you only listened to UK radio, you might have guessed Touch and Go's 'Would You...?' to be a typical one hit wonder.  But in the rest of the world, several other tracks on the album have proved to have enduring appeal. 

'Straight to ... Number One' was on European TV throughout the summer of 1999 in an ice cream ad.

'Tango in Harlem' emerged as a long running hit in Eastern Europe from 2000 to 2003, turning up in ads in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. 

In the USA, 'So Hot' was used by HBO as the opening title music for a mock-documentary series on lap dancers called G-String Divas, with 'Straight to Number One' on the closing credits.  Most of the other songs on the album featured as background music during the 13-part series. 

Since Dreamcatcher's Mix of 'Straight to Number One' was featured on Buddha Bar VI, several synchronization licences have followed.

Currently (2005 to 2006), 'Ecoutez Repetez' is being used to advertise shampoo in Brazil and Mateus Rose wine in the UK and Portugal.

Compilation and Synchronisation Licensing
Touch and Go is released worldwide on Oval Records through V2 Music, who negotiate fees for uses of the recording master. 

For the publishing rights, Oval Music will normally agree to match V2's fee.

Sound Clips
Would You...?
Straight to Number One (Dreamcatcher's Mix)
So Hot
Straight to Number One
Ecoutez Repetez

Tango In Harlem
Straight_To_Number_One (The_Cool_Fish_Mix)

Did You Know?
David Lowe from Touch and Go is one of the UK's most successful writers of music for television.  In the week that 'Would You…?' was number three on the UK charts, David's music was running in thirteen different programmes, including the lucrative theme tune for BBC TV News, as used on BBC 1, News 24, and local BBC radio.

For the full story, and to hear samples of the songs, check David's website