Lene Lovich

Towards the end of 1978, the irrepressible British independent label Stiff Records organised a second national package tour of five artists. The year before, a similar tour had introduced Ian Dury, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. Could the label do it twice, and introduce a second batch of stars? Well yes, thanks to Lene Lovich, who stole the show most nights and followed up with a UK tour of her own early the following year. When offered the tour, Lene said to Stiff, OK, but only if you release a single from my album.

Biggest Hits
The single was 'Lucky Number', a top three hit whose sales of 490,000 would have made number one in most years. The song's catchy 'ooh ooh, ooh ooh' hook not only captivated fans in Europe, but led to two American tours for Lene and her bald-headed partner Les Chappell, who co-wrote the songs and led the band on guitar. Follow-up hits included 'Say When', 'Bird Song' and 'New Toy', the last written specially for Lene by Thomas Dolby.

An ardent believer in reincarnation, Lene has been able to watch herself reappear in an endless succession of other artists, from Hazel O'Connor and Toni Basil to Cyndi Lauper and most recently Gwen Stefani, who has mimicked both Lene's voice and her kooky hairdo.

Typical Uses
'Lucky Number' has been on more compilations than we can count - Seventies Hits, New Wave, Punk and Girl Power. 
Among Lene's other songs, 'New Toy' remains popular in the US where it bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100. 
We're still waiting for somebody to find a good use for her amazing Japanese language version of 'I Think We're Alone Now'. 
The Best of Lene Lovich is available in the UK and export on Metro Records.

Synchronisation and Compilation Clearances
Oval controls recording rights for all of Lene's recordings released on Stiff, and controls publishing rights for most of the songs (but not 'New Toy' or 'I Think We're Alone Now').

Sound Clips
Lucky Number
Say When
New Toy
I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese)

Did You Know?
Lene wrote the lyric of 'Supernature' for Cerrone, and provided blood curdling screams for horror movies.

The Best of Lene Lovich at iTunes

To buy the album, Lucky Number: The Best of Lene Lovich, check Amazon or other leading online suppliers. 
The full track-listing is available at the Union Square website