Jack 'n' Chill

Ed Stratton was a sound engineer at Capital Radio, where Charlie had been presenting a weekly show for several years without knowing about Ed's off-duty hobby as a music maker.  In 1987, intrigued by Ed's turntable mix of a Mel & Kim song on Kid Jensen's Chart Show, Charlie went to Ed's home studio to meet his collaborator Vlad Naslas and hear what they'd been working on. Pick of the bunch was the tune we now know as The Jack That House Built, by Jack 'n' Chill.  Released on Oval through Virgin/10, it became our first top ten hit as a label.

Biggest Hits
Look in the book of UK hits and you'll find The Jack That House Built was #6 in January 1988, making it the first UK-produced instrumental house tune to make the UK top ten.  It was a long climb for a true underground hit, driven up the chart by club DJs and ignored by Radio One, which didn't like instrumentals and never played it outside the chart shows. First released in July 1987, the single bubbled under the chart for six months before finally surfacing.  The follow-up, Beatin' The Heat, might have done better but the factory ran out of copies half way through its first week.  And then the duo broke up.

Typical Uses
The Jack That House Built is a first choice for most house compilations but so far London Kills Me is the only film to use it.

Synchronisation and Compilation Clearances
Oval controls recording and publishing rights.

"The Jack That House Built" (7" and 12") at  iTunes

Sound Clips
The Jack That House Built

Did You Know?
Ed Stratton went on to form Man Machine, releasing several singles and an album through Rhythm King. He then founded Time and Space, which quickly became the leading compiler, supplier and distributor of Sample CDs for do-it-yourself DJs and producers, and is still the leader in the field.