David Lowe had been writing music for television programmes for ten years by the time he came to make the album Dreamcatcher in 1996.  These were early days of combining sampled vocals with danceable rhythms, and this album holds up as one of the best of its kind. Sheila Chandra gave rare permission for us to use her sampled voice in 'Ice', and Wasis Diop provided the male vocal in the duet, 'Falling with You'. The website global-trance.co.uk summed it up better than we would dare:  This is a superb album that falls into the same genre as Deep Forest's 'Deep Forest' with respect to its originality and accessibility.  Dreamcatcher has been one of the best selling albums for Changing World Distribution, who supply CDs to alternative outlets such as book shops, head shops and music festivals.

Typical Uses
Mostly instrumental with voices more often used as a colour than in a conventional verse and chorus structure, the album's music works very well with pictures.
'In a Ocean of Joy' was used in a TV ad for Covent Garden Soup, and 'This is The Time' was adapted as the theme tune for a programme about hiking through Britain's countryside.   Dreamcatcher came out just as the Buddha Bar phenomenon was taking off, but although the album was regularly played by Paris club's DJs for several years, no track made it onto one of their compilations until 'Seventh Heaven' was finally recognised in 2003.
If the album contains a masterpiece, surely the Eastern-flavoured 'Seventh Heaven' is the one.

Compilation and Synchronisation Licensing
Universal/Island controls the master rights.
Oval publishes all the titles.

Seven Heaven
In an Ocean of Joy
This is the Time

Live Performances
One of the Dreamcatcher's biggest fans is Thomas Brooman, artistic director at WOMAD, who invited Dreamcatcher to perform live at WOMAD Festivals in Reading (UK), the Canary Islands (both in 2001) and Singapore (2002).  In the live presentation, David Lowe is joined by the Japanese singer and keyboard player, Mieko Shimizu. 

Did You Know?
While continuing to write for television, David Lowe has also worked with Oval on the project Touch and Go, writing and producing the hit single 'Would You...?' and the album I Find You Very Attractive
To hear samples of all the tracks, or to buy the album, visit David's own website, www.davidlowemusic.com