Another Saturday Night

This was Oval's first album in 1974, and although we no longer control the rights to its material, Another Saturday Night belongs on our site as the first milestone in our journey.  Almost all of the tracks were licensed from Jin and Swallow Records, an independent label based in Ville Platte, Louisiana, whose founder-owner Floyd Soileau made us very welcome on our scouting trip in 1972.  At the time, there had never been an album released in the UK which combined French language Cajun music (featuring fiddles and accordions) with South Louisiana pop (sung in English and featuring saxophones, piano and electric guitar).  In much the same way that the soundtrack album of The Harder They Come introduced a new audience to reggae, Another Saturday Night opened the door for UK listeners to the music of Louisiana.

Biggest Hits
The song that attracted most interest was the Cajun version of Chuck Berry's 'Promised Land', sung by Johnnie Allan and featuring an accordion break by Belton Richard.  Released as a single, 'Promised Land' was play-listed by several commercial stations including Capital Radio in London. By cruel coincidence, Elvis Presley's version of the same song was released a few weeks later to tie in with his fortieth birthday, and it was never going to be a fair fight.
In 1980, we reissued Another Saturday Night with additional tracks. and put 'Promised Land' out as a single again, this time with 'Sweet Dreams' by Tommy McClain on the other side. Clyde Radio in Glasgow made 'Sweet Dreams' the theme music of a late night show, and we sold over 5,000 copies in that one city.
Stiff Records joined us for one more try in 1983, and invited Johnnie to come over for a promotional trip.  Once more, we came close to a hit, but never made it onto the charts. Total UK sales for 'Promised Land' over the ten years were over 20,000, while the album sold over 10,000 in the same period.

Special Notes for Synchronisation and Licensing
Having acquired semi-legendary status as a vinyl album, Another Saturday Night was released by Ace Records as a 20-track CD in 1990, using the same black and white photo of a city street by Laurie Lewis that we had found back in 1974.  Licensing enquiries can be made to Ace or direct to Flat Town Music in Louisiana at the weblink below.

Did You Know?
In 1998, Johnnie Allan phoned us to report that Floyd Soileau had awarded him a gold disc, commemorating over a million sales of all the many compilation albums that had included 'Promised Land'.

For the full track-listing of Another Saturday Night, check the Ace Records website
To contact Jin and Swallow Records in the US, visit their website