Oval Music Licensing

When potential licensors ring Oval Music for the first time, they invariably get straight through to one of the two directors, Charlie Gillett or Gordon Nelki.  If the caller expresses surprise, we explain that we have no secretary, no staff. 

We might sometimes be unreachable for a few hours in a recording studio, but never in a meeting.  Leave a message, and we do get back to you. We don't take long to confirm a compilation licence or a synchronisation clearance.

We did briefly use sub-publishers in the early years, but quickly discovered that money disappeared and opportunities were ignored.  We have joined collection societies in each territory around the world, and field enquiries ourselves.

Email has made international contact simple and fast.

Oval Music controls both recording and publishing rights for:

Lene Lovich
Local Heroes SW9
Jack 'n' Chill
David Lowe's Dreamcatcher (2006 album)
First Light and Direct Drive

Oval Music is publisher where recording rights are controlled by the named record labels:

David Lowe - Touch and Go (1998-1999, singles & album), Dreamcatcher (1997) -Universal
Paul Hardcastle  - EMI (biggest hits)
Jah Wobble - all titles on Rising Above Bedlam (1992)  - Warner

In each case, Oval Music Publishing will normally match the fee negotiated for the master.