Oval Music: pioneering purveyors of quirky pop

Founded in 1972, the indie label and publishing company has launched several of the UK's most innovative musicians, including Ian Dury, Lene Lovich, Paul Hardcastle, Jah Wobble and current hit maker David Lowe - as Touch and Go, Dreamcatcher and Doctor Love.

Their music is used around the world in films, TV commercials and compilation albums.

David Lowe's Dreamcatcher: What... is in between David Lowe's Dreamcatcher - What... is in Between
Grows more seductive as it progresses (The Observer)
Touch and Go I Find You Very Attractive Touch and Go
Would You...?
Mischievous pop with a jazzy, Latin flavour
Lene Lovich Lene Lovich
Lucky Number
Bright, fun, punky new wave
Paul Hardcastle Paul Hardcastle
Jazz funk classics that topped the charts
Seventh Heaven
Eastern-flavoured melodies with a Buddha Bar feel
Jah Wobble Jah Wobble
Visions of You
Dubby rock with Natacha Atlas & Sinead O'Connor
Dr Love vs Tense Dr Love vs Tense
Me Me Me
Debut single from fiesty duo, Nuwella and Laura
Jack 'n' Chill Jack 'n' Chill
The Jack That House Built
UK's first home-grown house hit
Local_heroes Local Heroes SW9
Drip Dry Zone
Stabbed in the Heart Again
Harry Harry Kakoulli
Even When I'm Not
Lonesome ruminations from Deptford's finest